ABI - Who We Are

Scott and Roderick.jpg

ABI was co-found by RODERICK GREEN and SCOTT ODOM. They are both amputee athletes who have accomplished many things in the sports world. With their close friendship and their hearts for wanting to help and serve other people in need, together they joined forces and created the non-profit ABI (Amputee Basketball Invigorated). Their mission and goal with ABI is to reach people all over the world with a message of hope, while serving and helping other people. ABI puts on charity basketball events where each event is helping someone directly in need with their medical expenses. Along with doing these events, they are out to spread a message of love, hope, and faith. Their mission with ABI is empowering people to develop, strengthen, and promote a relationship with Christ. Roderick and Scott will be the first to tell you that ABI is not about either one of them or anyone involved with ABI, it is all about bringing glory to God and helping other people.